Saturday, July 02, 2022

Coinvesting with Dauphin


Dauphin Capital Partners welcomes opportunities to coinvest and does so in the vast majority of its portfolio companies. We will lead investments and thus are interested in knowing of the investment priorities of fellow healthcare focused funds so that we may introduce qualified projects to you. Similarly, we participate in investments led by others and would recommend the “Portfolio” and “Approach” sections of our website to you for guidance as to our interests. We view our coinvestors as partners and hence you may find our personal backgrounds relevant as reflected in the “About Dauphin” section of our website. As well, you may find our investors and advisors relevant as outlined in the "Resources" section of our website.

You may contact us regarding potential investments. We will respond promptly and will follow the process outlined in the “Obtaining Capital
” section of our website subject to development with you and the proposed investment of a mutually acceptable investing process. Our goal is to invest where we can provide value to our stakeholders and to do so in a predictable and supportive fashion. Time is precious and we respect that. We also respect time in realization of value in our investments. Our funds are committed to us by our investors for a ten-year period and we are fully prepared to invest for the long term. Our investment experience is that value creation events generally occur in a five year investment horizon. 

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